Hi, This was a great review, and highly informative. There are a couple of issues with the SHD. This is extremely intruisive because the headphones still have plenty of power in it. With these fitted, basslines were solidly resolved without being over-accentuated. Comment by Bruno Feb 14, Reply. These are little too pricey for me I think. You can of course also get it into pairing mode after that as well.

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Comment by Jed Mogorola 11, Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Comment by theONbutton Nov 3, Reply. So how does music sound through the SHD?

Some devices surrender control of volume to the Bluetooth headset, and both the iPad and Bold behaved this way with the SHD.

By comparison while the Plantronics BackBeat produced a more open airy sound with more room at the treble end, the Motorola SHD mootrola the headset to choose if you want a pumping bassline. The winds of change look to be blowing in the right direction though.

This has definitely improved with the SHD.

Volume was no problem for me. To see whether S10 is even capable of producing better sound I processed a musical file using sound editing software to achieve desired quality i.


Comment by Jed Jan 1, The problem is that this is pretty much a lie. In both cases I found that the minimum volume did not go low enough for all use-cases I would envisage for the headset.

Comment by Jed Dec 29, Reply. The devices should remember the pairing, so when you turn the headset back on it should search for devices it knows and connect automatically. The music player on the current BlackBerries is pretty good.

Have you updated to 4. The S9 series headsets also loosened gently over time, so they became more comfortable after frequent usage, while still retaining a sure-feeling fit.

Comment by theONbutton Jul 24, Reply.

I ride a motorcycle to and from work and these are perfect. Amazon reviews are either love or hate — this is a pretty good one.

Motorola S10-HD

I want to know if they will pair and work correctly. I doubt the SHD will fit under a helmet, as the band at the back is rigid and sticks out a few centimeters. I know that it is possible with the S9 but I wasnt able to do that with the S Hi Steve, the iPhone track selection issue you describe sounds like normal behavior for an iPhone pre-iOS 4. As for comfort, they take some getting used to.


I wanted to listen to music on my ipad while still being able to answer calls on my blackberry Comment by sammi Dec 27, They fit under my helmet. On comfort, i found they are a lot better upside down.

I was kinda upset about it… I went to look at prices for another set and found out about the S Comment by sammi Dec 27, Se10 by Yvette Ball Dec 29, Reply. Comes with the earbuds that are on the headset and an extra set as pictured.

Motorola SHD | eBay

Zd10 by Anonymous Aug 10, Reply. Do not buy these for gym use. You can of course also get it into pairing mode after that as well. I then paired the SHD to a Samsung Epic 4G and this issue was not present, since the Epic 4G allows you to control the master volume from the phone when connected to a Bluetooth headset.