In mid Connex launched a print and TV advertising campaign featuring Humpty Dumpty and focusing on safety initiatives; the Don’t Hold Others Back campaign of featured imagery of commuters struggling to board a train; and a ‘train etiquette’ campaign featuring fictitious character Martin Merton PhD, “the worlds 1 expert on train etiquette” offered advice to passengers on such topics as mobile phone use, flatulence and other low-level behavioural annoyances of train travel. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As long as you can make it through the training and understand the requirements of the job, you should be fine. From December both fleets were allowed to run system wide. Great and interesting article. About this website Railpage version 3. You can also find jobs by checking the list published by the U.

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Connex was also responsible for the maintenance of the electrified metro network, which was contracted out to Mainco, a subsidiary of the United Group. If you’re eligible, the government will contribute to the cost of the training. Stage 10 is the final exams which is a collection beckme all the theory you have learnt plus a final driving test.

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On 1 October in preparation for privatisation, the Public Transport Corporation ‘s suburban rail operations were split into two business units, Bayside Trains and Hillside Trains. Sometimes they are discomforted by the responsibility of piloting a huge machine like a train. The Comeng trains are single deck and are semi-permanently coupled as M-T-M motor-trailer-motor sets, but these sets spend much of traij time coupled in pairs as six-carriage sets.


You spend eight hours one on one with an assessor.

How do they do that? Hire and train rail operators

Sounds like i will be putting my life on hold, but as they say no pain no gain! They learn how to single-track: Thankyou for the reply, the extra info helps!

Alstom refurbished Comeng M under Metro ‘s operation, however with stickers covering the previous operator’s Connex logo. Its going to be hard, but like you said if you do the work for that 73 weeks, you are set for life with a great paying reliable job.

Mar 19, Last Visited: HD way and works branch HR rolling stock branch.

It pays well and affords you the benefits of belonging to a union, such as job security and a pension. Motors,Trailers, Retrieved from ” https: May 15, Last Visited: Some of it applies bceome to the trains, buses and freeways and some of it runs in the background — invisible to nearly everyone but essential to mobility in our region.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. So far most Comengs have had modifications to seating around the passenger doors to avoid people clogging up the doorways when a train is overcrowded. Tips Railroad jobs are currently declining because of computerization. About this website Railpage version 3. Where do they hang out when a train is connex of service?


The trains were the first suburban trains in Melbourne to have air-conditioning in the passenger saloon. Sorry, your blog cannot share hkw by email. These figures are intended as a guide only, rather than a prediction of future earnings. Annual taxable income data has been sourced from Taxation Statistics published by the Australian Taxation Office. Timetable search form Your origin. Assessments are the most comnex part of the course you’ll face ten of them.

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How do they do that? Hire and train rail operators | The Source

I am fully aware of the opportunity i have, and plan to do what is necessary! Archived 20 August at the Wayback Machine.

Rules require you to have a backup pair on you while on duty. There are some similarities between bus and train operation.