If it cannot, restart your computer and try again. Well that settles it, thanks for all your input. Be sure to run the upgrade locally on your machine. Max no of attachments: Windows 7 IT Pro. Once the file is downloaded, unzip the.

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How to map a LPT1 port to a USB parallel dongle?

Also, go to Windows 7 Compatibility Center for more information. On most systems you will see two entries: These drivers may be found at SafeNet Sentinel Driver. In the box labled “Bus Address” fill in the hazp number you recorded at the end of section 3. This would require some detailed investigation.

Move this topic Cancel. This website is provided for discussion purposes only. All content copyright SafeNet, Inc. We had a similar situation with a parallel dongle for ArcGis.

How to map a LPT1 port to a USB parallel dongle? | MyBroadband

The old installation was Windows XP Pro x32 and the motherboard is beginning to have hardware issues so I’m being proactive here Lpt haven’t been able to see the key yet on this box – I’ve been playing with multiple drivers and reading up on the fixes that worked for others using Windows 7 re compatibility to no avail.


You can contact the manufacturer directly to confirm this. The run time application which runs on object codes created from the above debugger tool, is working fine on Windows 7 PC.

I have ensured that c: Your Flo-Series software should now be able to find the verification key.

Expert Member Jul 23, Joined Mar 11, Messages I’ve just been hadp this with a program we purchased in I am trying to find out what is different in Windows 7 from XP that it is not working.

Still encountered issues haasp the install at a later stage. For example, if the License Manager is running as a service, you must stop the service before upgrading the driver. Its only the debugger tool that needs the Dongle.

Joined Jul 27, Messages 8. You should have a good familiarity with your Windows operating system and full administrator privileges on your computer before you attempt to follow these directions. Installed the RTE lph1. Be sure to run the upgrade locally on your machine. The update will fail without error when running via remote desktop. Powered by Atlassian Confluence 6. Click on Join Now to Sign Up.


SharkBait Executive Member Jul 22, Did not know who made the dongles, and Keithley had stopped the distribution and support years ago.

After installing the v7. Save the file to a location you will easily be able to find for example, the desktop.

Accept all changes, close the dialog boxes and re-run your Flo-Series software. Wednesday, February lpr1, 4: The HASP key itself is white without any other notations except for the word “HASP” in raised white font and on the flip side a 5 digit number with a sticker.

Select the I accept the agreement option and click Next.