Mounted on wooden plinth – Mint. Thunderbolt used both techniques to produce a muscle car precedent. To begin with the two runs have to be made in opposite directions and both of these runs have to be accomplished within a space of sixty minutes. His best-known achievement was to take the Land Speed Record in at On several occasions he went forward under heavy shell and machine gun fire.

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Now you know this record is held at the present moment by the “Thunderbolt” which I planned and built and the present speed is Eyston, Captain George E. The World Water Speed Record.

It could be a record breaking run, or it could be a close up medical image of a throat lozenge. I am sorry that I didn’t sleep last night-that was my fault. Except for one brother who became a songwriter, most of the Dreiser A rounded nose now filled the previous radiator air intake and the stabilising fin was removed, all leading to an appearance more like Cobb’s Railton.

In its day, terms like “leviathan” and “behemoth” were commonly used to describe the 7-ton car, over twice the weight of its competitors. On August 27,Brian Epstein, manager of the Beatles, was found dead of an accidental drug overdose in his Sussex, England, home.


Capt George Eyston

At last the time has come when the mechanical brakes can be applied to the full and their wonderful power saves the day. Its two co-drivers set times of As the car passes by, you “see the object,” heorge the sound follows about half a mile behind which is the real thrill eysotn to the spectators.

As you will appreciate when it is covering a mile at the rate of just over 10 seconds you must be very quick about the business of closing the throttle; otherwise too much ground is covered. As well as racing, he was also an engineer and inventor, with a number of patents related to motor engineering and particularly supercharging.

George Eyston – Wikipedia

It must be remembered in connection with the “hundred yards” I have mentioned that the measured mile is covered in just over ten seconds. Had the Captain been able to drive his “Thunderbolt” from Buffalo he would have arrived here in twenty minutes instead of the forty-five that it took to come by air.

It has rather increased I see by what the speaker has said. Archived from the original on 28 March So you shut down the engines, quite gingerly, and after a pause the air brakes are shot out. Jenkins was fond of competition and was instrumental in encouraging British teams to travel to Bonneville. In the same season Cobb would beat the hour record and Jenkins would set new speeds for both 24 and 48 hours.


What effect has the run and the braking on the brake linings? By using this site, you agree to the Terms ryston Use and Privacy Policy. On the salt bed yeston has to be carefully prepared by dragging, we paint one or more black lines along the whole length.

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George raced between well into the s. This particular engine was obtained second-hand from Roll-Roycewhere it had previously powered an airflow fan in an engine test cell.

First in reaching Thank you very much, sir. Olga passed away in Plan drawing of Thunderbolt, showing the offset arrangement of the front four wheels. Thunderbolt’s first record was set at These project on either side of the car.

After the record there were many things I had to do, both business and otherwise and it has been necessary to resort to flying about. We love cutaway drawings that show so much that is often missed with photographs.