Hi Jon, This is the result of some kernel developers deciding it was a good idea to change the names of some popular functions, without any concern for the breakage it would cause with out of tree drivers or older kernels. I just tested it in Windows to make sure the card was working. Given the vast number of devices on Amazon that strip HDCP, and the fact that the master key was leaked many years ago, I doubt anyone that could act on this “illegal” activity cares anymore. I am still looking for sane HDMI capture devices for the project that spawned this, I just could not find any decent proof that these drivers existed. I think I may be getting somewhere now.

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There’s a lot you can do with just GStreamer’s command-line tools — for some examples see the first 5 minutes of my talk[1] — and if you need more you can drop down into C or Ruet, though admittedly the learning curve is fairly high. I find the WMC interface somewhat cumbersome.

I was just thinking about something that could be even more awesome: Successfully installed on Debian with appropriate kernel. The absence of any trademarks or registered trademarks of AVerMedia in this policy statement or other parts of this web does not constitute a waiver of any rights or interests that AVerMedia has established.


Customers may download information provided on this Web site within a reasonable range for non-commercial purposes; however, they must comply with the Terms of Use stipulated below. I second the UVC driver recommendation, or anything with drivers upstream that is, in the Linux kernel itself. This device happily decodes HDCP.

See this Czech forum. It’s all about tradeoffs really.

I assume there is a quality vs time to encode trade-off? I’d estimate it has about 1. You must be logged in to post a comment. I use OBS so this sounds perfect. I am a noob ruet it comes to adding drivers and firmware to Linux.

Nicely out of the box. It would be fair to convert back to the avergvhd color space for the comparison. Also these UVC grabber deal in uncompressed video, so they are more expensive but produce a far higher quality capture.

January 10, at Seems to be similar to A but A includes S-Video connector. I’m really happy to see stuff like this surface in the OSS world. Would it for example work with an raspberry Pi or is the arm cpu and the mbit network adapter to slow?

These liux slightly more niche products too, so you don’t get the economy of scale you would with something like an ARM SoC. Hardware components are Afatech and NXP.

Avermedia m and ngene driver – Kernel Labs

I concur with the other commenter that devices with an upstream driver –such as the UVC driver– are the way to go. Given the vast number of devices on Amazon that strip HDCP, and the fact that the master key was leaked many years ago, I doubt anyone that could act on this “illegal” activity cares anymore.


Todd Jasinski tjasinski00 said on And the package is being ported to other distros. AVerMedia does not guarantee that all the drivers provided from this website will meet avertvh of the users” current equipments or devices and in no events shall AVerMedia bear any liability, whether express, implied or stipulated by related laws and regulations.

I would like to take the output from an HDMI source and display it on multiple displays throughout my house.

It was only slightly nightmarish. Game systems generally don’t enable HDCP during gaming but do during, say, blu-ray playback.

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This page was last modified on 24 Octoberat Depending on your project, it might be worthwhile using GStreamer instead of tying yourself to a specific driver like libuvc. MythTV has a linuxx better interface and I like all the customizations that can be done. While the driver basically works for DVB, it needs a ton of cleanup and has no analog support at all.

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