How I am trying to select the element: May i ask if you can help me to get img src? After following the above step, don’t close the windows editor and element identifier , keep it remain open. You can use Sikuli or AutoIT for same. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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AutoIT Example – Upload File In Selenium Webdriver

It always happens when the provided path is either wrong or path mentioned in input box is syntactically wrong.

If you need the other fonts, a bit of testing would give some offset numbers that could result in better exmple. After download you will get two setup file as shown in below screen, first is AutoIt version 3 setup and second is Scitautoit3.

Locate the text box and set the file path using sendkeys and click on submit button. You can see the class attribute is now changed to “button” which was previously “edit” in AutoIT element identifier window.

How to use AutoIT with Selenium Webdriver: File Upload Example

In this tutorial, you will learn- What is AutoIt? Neeru March 12, at Hey guys, I am xelenium my very first script that automates a browser I usually work with program installs and database automation and have come across an issue that I am totally stumped on. Mukesh Otwani March 13, at 9: Siva March 13, at 5: I Know There are thousands of bugs so please go on correcting me so that i will improve and also udf. As you use webdriver concept maybe suggestion to rename to webdriver.


Udf Already Available had to start with an extension and ws a bit tricky to be used also it was a bit obsolute.

Webdriver UDF(based On External Exe) – AutoIt Example Scripts – AutoIt Forums

Start writing a script for selecting a file to upload. What Are Functionalities of new udf: How I am trying to select the element: Runtime class allows the script to interface with the environment in which the script is running.

May i ask if you can help me to get img src?

By ; import org. I First Had Plan to implement Full But Than Dropped as there are so many versions of drivers and response are a bit different to sort for result.

Hover on ‘Autoit’ and ‘Autoit Editor’ dropdown. Follow the link to see my signature’s stuff. I need to click an element that gives me a drop down list box but the Xpath to the element changes with every instance of chrome I start Mukesh Otwani March 12, at By Mukesh Otwani T Develop selenium script in eclipse.


I thought it simpler to have a program create the code needed, and built the attached ‘user interface’ program using various references to the feature. Once you done with this element identifier you need to close manually, webdrive will not close automatically.

If the absolute path of file is correct and valid then it will go ahead smoothly.

Hi Mukesh, Thank you for a quick response My script: Mukesh Otwani March 16, at 9: Seleniuk check the status, click on the below link for each respective browser xeample Sign In Sign Up. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. After successfully installation – open up AutoIT Editor.