Linux Hardware Search In. You also need to be aware that no graphics support is activated before X11 ie. I’m unable to build anything. Any news on this front? I assume you know how to use the terminal!

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Mobiliyy of 3D support means this card is NOT recommended for I’m getting a beautifull atj compaq: If you did was there any noticable performance gain using this driver? Without logs or an idea of how to help, all I can do is redirect you to the mailing list http: I had direct rendering right off the bat, by the way. I’ve got a ThinkPad R40 with a 16mb M6 LY, and I’ve never been able to get good framerate in opengl games if they even got started without freezing X with garbage all over the screenuntil now.

Yeah, had heard that I just didn’t want to do a full distribution upgrade for and alpha distribution. If they crash, I’ll test yours, and see if yours crash or not. Try contacting people who appear to have Radeon working on their machine.

  HP 3060A J611 DRIVER

According to one search result, it could be you are using the wrong driver.

HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsAti – Ubuntu Wiki

Thought Beryl is complaining a bit: Don’t know if you’ve read it already. P in my many attempts to get it working here is my xorg. Thank you very much!!!

But unfortunately it does not support the M6 LY – and probably never will http: We are now going to compile. Experimenting with different options will help for other users who come along and have the same issues.

GRAPHICS : ATI Radeon IGP M AKA Mobility U1

TV-out works well if TV connected before starting X. Did your computer start crashing randomly after you followed Part I? So far your logs show nothing out of the ordinary, and your xorg. I forgot to include this – thanks for reminding me.

GRAPHICS : ATI Radeon IGP 320M AKA Mobility U1

Anyway how can i proceed next? Check out this chunk of log: I did have to drop down to bit, but that’s okay. It runs OK, but you can’t expect a card with 8 MB of video memory to be smooth with all the fancy animations and it does a lot better than Mibility expected.


October 29, – Added nnote that this most likely won’t work in Edgy. When and I radeeon when you run into an error, please post it.

I’m sorry, but I really don’t know a thing about your card. I didn’t try Ubuntu, but basically the same xorg.

Posted February 21, Error reinitilizing server Dec 15 It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know mobilitt. After that I hope to work on one of those fancy window managers. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. Quite a few people have had this issue now, so it’ll be nice to finally have an answer.