It’s kind of upsetting that Akai is abandoning it’s Mac customers this way. The latest ARIA version is also still flawless. The main panel has these ‘knob’ like controls which are counterintuitive as to how they interact with the mouse, and there is little if any keyboard controls or rapid way to change multiple settings while playing – making it effectively useless for performances. Don’t let the headache ruin your EWI enjoyment! You are a saint!

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aksi This tool from Cognitone works perfectly, is free, and honestly way better than the ARIA config page: Despite this laziness and ignorance from AKAI, it truly is a marvelous instrument once you’ve implemented the proper third party software. He was under the impression, as I was at first, that the software was not fully supported for this operating system.

Back to what I had initially recommended with the app having trouble accessing the EWI properly. Also, you may use a very small amount of non-greasy hand lotion to improve the conductive connection between your hands and the keys. Akai Professional is one of the brands we develop, manufacture, sell, and provide technical support for.

I am not using a hub.

Software – EWI USB

I use the free Sforzando software that recognizes the Garitan instruments, as a plugin in Garage Band. Also, Patchman does repairs on them: JayBee August 09, I’m glad other users have found this information and I hope you can spread the word so other wind players can enjoy the EWI experience. But those options likely indicate an issue with your OS and the installation of the software and not an issue with the software itself. Alexandre Enkerli November 25, Been there with Apple and they are saying to contact you all?


Thank you so much! If they won’t help us, I guess we can just help each other. Akai Professional is the first name in electronic wind instruments. In my experience, Akai’s software maintenance is seriously lacking. But that is not convenient.

I have really been enjoying my EWI’s full capabilities since finding these tools. InMusicBrands is the blanket company over the brands listed below.


Over time, natural oils from your hands may slightly tarnish these parts, which is normal and shouldn’t be a problem. Curiously the synthetic sounds are HUGE compared to the accoustic ones, indicating IMHO they spent more time on the sounds that don’t sound like anything REAL than they did the ones that are xkai to be normal instruments Hi Steve, I’ve reached out to David about this. I am at a dead end and getting no help Help get this topic noticed by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook, or email.


Go akia the link below, select Garritan from the product list and look for the latest version of the ARIA software in the list: Don’t run it yet. Akai ‘s classic EWIs is the industry standard, but we wanted to design a simpler EWI for newcomers to the instrument and for those who don’t need the advanced features of EWIs.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Surprising Affordability Historically, electronic wind instruments have fallen into two different categories: It has been so stable for me that I have forgotten to check and see if anything has been updated lately: As unique of a community us EWI players are, we need to stick together! I have installed later versions but rolled back to But this could be part of the problem I am having with Main Stage.

Do you want the crash details? Let me know what happens!