If the drum does not rotate then I suspect one of the toner cartridges may be jammed and the orinter may have to be stripped to fix it. I have a DL, and after about pages, it said that the waste bottle is full. It seems there is a “waste toner sensor” which only lets the printer print out a few more pages when the sensor reports “waste toner full”. Then reassemble the whole mess. I am an electronics engineer, technician, with over 40 years experience, so I would really be very happy to know if there is a secret reset method to clearing this code and putting our machine back on line. I have changed out the fuser and the black toner cartridge as it was almost empty. Before this sometimes when printing in color, part of the page would be in color and the rest would be in black and white.

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Konica Minolta IP-511 Driver

And since it has happened to both machines then I thought this may be a common problem that someone might have experienced. Hope someone has an konicaa to solving this.

I did fix one by using a long thin screwdriver and levering the jammed toner cartridge back into the housing – but I was luck and did not damage anything. I will post further results in the future. Sept Issue was the gears on plastic sprockets not meshing properly.


Do not know what to do. We are having trouble getting laser photo paper at the upper end of the thickness specification to feed into a I shut if off, restarted the printer and tried again – same thing. Also, I constantly get the “This document failed to print” bubble popping up on my desktop even thought the document is printing VERY slowly Any suggestions?

Take it out and replace it with a Radio Shack Fuse it is a Fast acting fuse 0. No the low yield ones are about half full. Does anyone out there have an idea?

Konica 7155 Konica 7165 Konica IP-511 Drivers Download

The image transfer belt unit need to be replaced. Hi, I see this problem is starting to crop up in other peoples DL so I thought I would repost this and see if any techs know how to fix this problem.

Did You ever find the solution to your problem? I have been so so dissappointed with the feed problem. I installed a new transfer belt assembly on a customers printer and when i powered it up it started going through its warmup. Remove the drum, and underneath it is the laser – all you can see is a tranparent window in the middle which is about half the width.

Where’s this three-prong thingie? Please, can anyone point me to a solution.

This is based on my experiences with my own units and not based on any training from manufacturer. Konica-Minolta Tech asked Ivsta 7, at Since I couldn’t see a paper jam, I opened the latch of the Imaging Unit to perhaps reset the sensor switches and re-closed it without even the touching the Imaging Unit. Thanks for your reply. I tried printing to card stock which jammed the printer and gave me a 17h fatal error.


Turn off the printer power, remove drum, replace fuse, replace drum, turn on the power Sold as is and no guarantee is made regarding function Thanks all for your help It prints awesome quality and has been a work horse. Can someone advise me of the shelf life of a magicolor series cartridge?

I know this might be better suited for a Mac forum, but our Macs print to all other printers, except vita the Konica. Thank you for your time! I read somewhere that I should clean the three prong device that makes contact with the cartridges. Please help if you can, I depend on my printer for everyday usage for many types of printing.

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What cured the problem was to clean the laser. Thanks for any input.

If someone has sample test cases for printer testing, i will be very gratefull if they can let me have a look at them.