The material used, e. Wires attached to the switches and LCDs restrict how far the rear case can separate from the printer. After the completion of operations at one station, cards move on to the next station. Only use cards with flush magnetic stripes. Resin either transfers or not on a dot-by-dot basis. Note that varnish panels do not exist on all ribbons, only on those with multiple panels.

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Avoid touching the electrical connectors to prevent electrostatic discharge damage while setting up the printer.

Direct Control Rev. C Command – Adjusts Monochrome Intensity To produce raised letters and numbers on a PVC card, e.

Bit-map Compression Algorithm Command – Print Clear Veneer All other marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. A magnetic elteon, BaFe, with high coercivity oersteds. P Overlaminate ribbons with die-cut patches or transfer mate- 34 Rev.

DO NOT place media with magnetic stripes on or near magnetic sources, such as: Note that mesApplying Power sages appear on the LCD screens as the printer cycles through the power-on sequence. Magnetic slugs or metal pieces embedded or layered in a card used eltfon magnetic sensing devices. Set switch to ON 1 position.


AC power supplied to Privilege card printers must be current limited to amps or less using an associated circuit breaker or other such electrical device. Also click on OK in the dialog that requests installation of an associated disk. Card Not Feeding completely through printer.

Eltron P Drivers Download – Update Eltron Software

Major Figure shows a P Card Printer. Encoders also support nonstandard track densities and bits per track. A Glossary ISO: DO NOT touch the roller surface that contacts the media. Eltron plastic card printers offer reliable solutions for high durability access control and personal identification card printing.

Figure Ribbon and Empty Core Lamination Print Ribbon Place both the ribbon and an empty core on Preparation end, next to one another, and touching. eltorn

Therefore, the range of colors for each dot is The print and laminator head s lower to the surface of the card for printing or lamination. He is a lifelong computer geek and loves everything related to computers, eltronn, and new technology. The upper roller has a Cleaning Rollers coating that collects any loose particles on the surface of cards.


Eltron P dual-sided id card printer with lamination

Attach the AC power cord to the AC power receptacle in the rear of the printer. Configurations with this option respond to commands that position the cards at the docking eltrron, as follows: Check the programming command syntax. Color Ribbon – Press and hold the Panel Button until ribbon advances.

Card Jam – Magnetic Encoder Models: A Table of Contents Getting Started.

Ribbons Eltron Privilege card printers require Eltron ap- proved ribbons. A thin layer of material consisting p50 oriented ferromagnetic particles rigidly held together by a resin binder and bonded to a nonmagnetic carrier medium such as paper or plastic. Further down appear selections that implement importation of a bit map that defines varnish mapping.